How do you make your business sustainable?

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How do you make your business sustainable?

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Posts under the topic: How do you make your business sustainable?

Posted: 22/11/2011 5:36:12 AM

Lurker 0  points  Lurker
  • Joined on: 12/05/2011 2:42:58 AM
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Sustainability is a high priority for businesses today to ensure their long-term viability. We’ve recently launched our latest Business Briefing, 20 issues on building a sustainable business, which discusses some of the strategies organisations can implement to make them sustainable. I’d love to hear some of the practical approaches our members have taken to implement sustainable practices. What tips or examples can you offer other members?

Posted: 15/12/2011 12:26:20 PM

Lurker 0  points  Lurker
  • Joined on: 15/12/2011 11:28:33 AM
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Dear Geraldine,

I would like share one tip with all businesses and members.

I am of the view that carbon taxes and other low carbon-economy changes can actually be used as leveraged to create  competitive advantages to Australian businesses. Recently, as an initiative from our managing partner, our firm - - has completely switched from paper based office functions to a total 'lean' digital document creation, alteration and distribution.

We do have a weekly quota that can be used when we absolutely must reproduce documents in print format. However, our printer usage has been dramatically reduced.

In another hand, Official Government Bodies and other firms, continue to send us all relevant correspondences in paper format – hundreds of pages per week.

I wish we were able to make them aware that reducing and/or eliminating paper printing at the office, not only proved to be an extremely eco-efficient and sustainable solution but also reduced our operational costs with paper, toner, shredding services, electricity, etc, and it increased document circulation efficiency at the office.

We haven’t even explored the positive 'brand loyalty' effects that this positioning could potentially generate, but we have already seem real results on the bottom line.

Congratulations on the Business Briefing Series, its a great starting point.

Norma Beverley


Posted: 21/12/2011 12:16:47 AM

Lurker 0  points  Lurker
  • Joined on: 12/05/2011 2:42:58 AM
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Thanks Norma for sharing this tip. This is certainly an area that provides an opportunity for all organisations regardless of size. It would be interesting to understand the non-financial impacts through brand and reputation and any other benefits that sustainable business practices deliver.

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