future [inc] launches

"We want to stimulate a more lively debate around what's on the horizon for our nation and the best ideas to position our economy for success in the future."

Tim Gullifer FCA, 2013 President, Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia

What happens when the music stops

Our resources industry is important now, but we're far from the only country to benefit from a wealth of natural resources – what happens when commodity prices drop? How can we make sure that all this focus on one industry doesn't diminish our capabilities in other sectors?


Are we expecting too much from the government

If the tax base continues to narrow, which is likely, then the size and role of the government in our economy will need to renegotiated. What we think best, and what we can afford will inevitably clash, particularly if we think that the role of the government we have now is what it always will be.


Future [inc]'s first paper - Developing a plan for Australia's economic prosperity is launched.

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future [inc] Business Think Tank

Hear from the business community as they discuss the economic challenges our nation faces and the priorities for the next term of government.


In An economic policy platform for the next term of government we present perspectives to assist Australia's political leaders in shaping their agenda about what the federal government should be focusing on in the next term of parliament.

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Hear from Lee White, CEO of Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia, as he discusses the purpose of An economic policy platform for the next term of government.

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The first 100 days: priorities for a stronger economy publication is released


Short-term gain vs long-term prosperity? Productivity reform is essential for our economic future


Hypothetical on business ethics

View Geoffrey Robertson's address on 'Hypothetical on business ethics' at the Chartered Accountants Leadership in Government Awards.


'Why business ethics matter to your bottom line': Institute paper discusses the importance of business ethics


Commission of Audit submission

Read the Institute's comments on the terms of reference of the National Commission of Audit.



As the economy undergoes significant structural change, innovation is becoming an increasingly important factor in Australia's long term economic prosperity.



Read the Institute's submission for the Terms of Reference for the federal government's Financial System Inquiry.


"We need to ensure that we have the policy settings in place that will help to bring down the cost of doing business in Australia."

Senator the Hon Mathias Cormann, Minister for Finance, Acting Assistant Treasurer & Senator for Western Australia
WA Business Forum 2014


Read our comments and recommendations for this year's budget.


Federal Budget Tax Bulletin

Institute Head of Tax Policy, Michael Croker, is taking part in the stakeholder lock-up. We will be compiling a number of resources with the latest commentary, analysis and information on the Federal Budget announcement, including a special edition of the Tax Bulletin produced in conjunction with Thomson Reuters.

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Top 10 tax and superannuation issues emerging from the 2014-15 Federal Budget – What your clients need to know

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CEO Lee White discusses the Australia and New Zealand budgets

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What is futureINC

future[inc] launches in New Zealand.

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Developing a plan for New Zealand’s continued prosperity launches.

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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand CEO Lee White discusses policy priorities for the New Zealand 2014 general election.

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Join the debate on 16th September on Developing a plan for New Zealand’s continued prosperity, part of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand’s future[inc] thought leadership series.

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What is futureINC

Is policy making measuring up? Rethinking how we measure the success of a nation  launches. Can we use other measures of national success other than GDP?

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Protecting our Cyber Future is the latest future [inc] thought leadership piece.

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Cyber Security - FutureInc

Head of Leadership and Advocacy Rob Ward discusses the latest FutureInc paper, Protecting our Cyber Future. Be proactive before it’s too late.

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Protecting Cyber Future webcast

Thank you for your interest in future [inc]– Protecting our Cyber Future

A recording of the live webcast is now available to watch on-demand.

Risk wise Australia

Australia is known for our ‘fair-go’ approach, but are we striking the right balance between risk & return as a nation?

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Digital Currency: Where to from here?

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Risk wise Australia

Poll results of Risk-wise and a fair go?  with CEO Lee White and Head of Leadership and Advocacy Rob Ward.

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Risk wise Australia

Is digital currency a fad? A future[inc] paper that examines the implications of digital currencies on our financial systems and where to from here.

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Watch Digital Currencies: Where to from here? with our panel of experts.

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Risk wise Australia

Revolutionsing Reporting  discusses the opportunities and challenges of the introduction of Key Audit Matters.

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futureinc  diversity

Leading in Brave new world of Diversity broadens the conversation around diversity and inclusive leadership. Download your copy.
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Noise, Numbers and Cut-Through looks at the future role of financial reporting.

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Noise Numbers

Latest Edition


Noise, Numbers and Cut-Through is the latest future[inc] paper questioning if traditional financial reports are still a valid part of communication and accountability, or have these become an impenetrable collection of numbers and words only for compliance purposes?and into the future. Download the full Noise, Numbers and Cut-Through paper.

A plan for Australia and New Zealand's prosperity

As a centre of excellence, we're drawing on the expertise of our members and using our strong strategic policy analysis and leadership capacity to start a timely and necessary discussion on our future.

future[inc] is fundamentally about identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that will make the difference between a bright or mediocre economic future.

A series of thought-provoking presentations, inspiring ideas, policy frameworks and discovery, future[inc] covers a wide spectrum of topics relevant to our future. It's a long term project, determined to make a strong contribution and engage the business community, governments, regulators, academics, Chartered Accountants and media.