Tackle complex issues and changes through reporting training



Date Training Location CPE HRS
31 Oct 2016 Session Two: Advanced Financial Analysis - analysing growth by acquisition and new activities Online 2 hours
31 Oct 2016 Session One: Advanced Financial Analysis Current Operations Online 2 hours
31 Dec 2016 Warning Signs for Companies in Distress Online 2 hours
31 Dec 2016 Managing Bank Relationship Risk Online 1 hour
27 Jan 2017 The Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA) - 4 years on Online 1 hour
28 Feb 2017 Lease accounting Online 1 hour
28 Feb 2017 Not for Profit Accounting issues Online 1 hour
28 Feb 2017 Tax effect accounting Online 1.5 hours
28 Feb 2017 Not For Profit Audit issues Online 1 hour

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