The Chartered Accountants Program in Asia

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Key Points

  • The Chartered Accountants Program is available for study in Malaysia and Singapore
  • In Malaysia, candidates studying the MICPA Programme are eligible to apply for membership of the Institute on completion of their studies
  • In Singapore, the Program is offered as a gateway to membership of the Institute.



In February 2009, the Institute formalised an arrangement with the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) to facilitate delivery of the Chartered Accountants Program in Malaysia. Upon completion of the MICPA Programme, candidates are eligible to apply for membership of both the Australian and Malaysian institutes.

Malaysian candidates follow an almost identical course of study to Australian candidates in the Chartered Accountants Program by completing four common modules, Audit & Assurance (AAA); Financial Accounting & Reporting (FIN); Management Accounting & Applied Finance (MAAF) and Capstone (CAP).

A feature of the MICPA Programme is the Advanced Taxation module, developed and delivered by MICPA and reflecting Malaysian taxation regulations, therefore providing greater relevance for candidates working in Malaysia.

Find out more about the MICPA Programme.


The Chartered Accountants Program is offered in Singapore as a gateway to membership of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia. As a result, all modules offered in Singapore are based on Australian accounting and audit standards and relevant legislation.

While undertaking module study, Singapore-based candidates must work in an Institute-accredited organisation and be mentored by a Chartered Accountant. If working for an organisation which is not accredited, but employs an Australian Chartered Accountant, the organisation can apply for Institute accreditation.

Article last updated 5 February 2014

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