Broadening our reach in India and Indonesia

Key Points

  • The Institute continues to strengthen its influence and reach of the Chartered Accountants brand in India and Indonesia
  • In December 2010 the Institute’s Director Asia, Bill Palmer, attended the Indonesian Institute of Accountants Congress and took part in an OECD task force meeting in India.

In December 2010, the Institute’s Director Asia, Bill Palmer, travelled to India and Indonesia for two important industry events, as part of our capacity building and leadership activities in the Asian region.

Firstly, Mr Palmer took part as a panellist at the Indonesian Institute of Accountants Congress where he was joined by the Chairperson, Kusumaningsih Angkawidjaja, of the Indonesian Auditing Standards Board. Together they presented papers on the alignment of Indonesian auditing standards with international auditing standards.

‘It was very pleasing to note that the Indonesian Accounting Standards Board had completed the translation of the international auditing standards into Bahasa Indonesia and that Indonesia would be seeking to converge its standards with those of the IAASB by 2012,’ Mr Palmer said.

Mr Palmer also attended a meeting in India with the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Task Force on Public Sector Financial Management.

‘The meeting encouraged aid agencies to rely on in-country public financial management systems to support accountability for donor funding, as opposed to stand alone donor systems,’ Mr Palmer said.

‘In doing so, this would avoid duplication and free up more resources for direct operational outcomes by reducing administration costs. We also discussed support for strengthening in- country financial management, including the role of the accounting profession in contributing to these efforts,’ he said.

Article last updated 8 February 2011