Skilled Migration Internship Program (SMIPA)

What is the Skilled Migration Internship Program (SMIPA)?

The Skilled Migration Internship Program - Accounting (SMIPA) is a professional year program approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It is available to overseas students who have acquired an Australian accounting qualification as a result of at least two years study in Australia.

The SMIPA program has been co-developed by the Institute, CPA Australia (CPAA) and the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) and is delivered by registered providers who have been jointly approved by all three professional accounting bodies.

Enrolment in any of the accounting bodies' professional programs is independent of an individual's participation in SMIPA or any of the other Department approved pathways to Permanent Residency.

What does the SMIPA program involve?

  • A minimum of 44 weeks training including a 12-week internship placement with a relevant host company
  • Professional development and practical hands-on learning with an emphasis on workplace preparation - culture, ethics and expectations
  • Recognition as a pathway for 485 Graduate Visa holders seeking permanent residency under General Skilled Migration.

What are the SMIPA program learning objectives?

  • Work within Australian legislative requirements applicable to workplaces and operations
  • Work safely and participate in occupational safety, health and environment (OSHE) processes
  • Work effectively within the organisation's requirements including those for EEO and diversity
  • Communicate effectively in the workplace
  • Participate in a team
  • Provide effective client service
  • Apply occupation-specific knowledge and skills to professional work situations
  • Implement strategies to manage their personal career development

Who is eligible to undertake the SMIPA program?

The SMIPA program is available to all overseas students who have obtained an Australian accounting qualification as a result of at least two years study in Australia and hold a 485 Graduate Visa.

Who are the approved SMIPA providers?

For further information on enrolment and commencement dates, interested graduates and host companies, contact the following approved SMIPA providers directly:

 Please note: The Professional Accounting bodies and the SMIPA Program are not associated in any way with the AIFA Professional Year Program for Bookkeepers.

Article last updated 13 July 2016