FAQs Migration eligibility criteria

Can I complete any 9 out of the 12 core knowledge areas?

You will be required to complete at least 9 out of the 12 core knowledge areas at tertiary level. Each nominated occupation has 4 compulsory core knowledge areas and 5 option areas. Please refer to the table here.

My skills assessment letter was issued prior to 1 July 2010, can I now apply for a skills assessment appeal/review to change my occupation code, for example from Finance Manager 1211-11 to Accountant (General) 221111

No. You will need to submit a new application to be assessed as per the core knowledge area requirements (compulsory and optional subjects) for the new occupation. You will also need to attach an IELTS Academic Test Result of 7 in each of the four (4) components- speaking, reading, listening and writing.

What is ‘IELTS’?

IELTS, which stands for International English Language Testing System, is a test designed to assess an applicant’s English language ability.

How do I enrol in IELTS?

Please visit www.ielts.org for information about their enrolment process.

How do I provide my IELTS documentation?

You will be required to supply a certified copy of your Test Report Form (TRF) or your full TFR number upon application for a skills assessment. The Institute will complete the necessary checks to confirm your result.

How long are the IELTS results (known as Test Report Form) valid for?

Test Report Forms are valid for two years.

I already have a temporary visa and am applying for a permanent residency (PR). What other qualifications do I need?

Applicants need to have completed an accredited SMIPA Program or achieved a minimum IELTS Academic Test Result of 7 in each of the four (4) components - speaking, reading, listening and writing.

I am a citizen from a country where English is the spoken language. Do I have to provide IELTS documentation

Yes. There are no exemptions for any criteria required for migration purposes. All applicants will be assessed against the same assessing criteria, including the English language requirement.

I am a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia. Do I need to provide an IELTS test result to have a skills assessment

All applications from Institute members requesting a skills assessment for the purposes of migration from 1 July 2010 must be supported by a valid IELTS test result.

I have a successful skills assessment issued by the Institute prior to 1 July 2010. Is this still valid without an IELTS test report?

In this case, your skills assessment is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of your assessment letter and an IELTS test report is not required during the validity period. Please visit www.immi.gov.au for information about applying for General Skills Migration.

What documents do I need to submit with my skills assessment?

The documents you need to submit for your skills assessment application will depend on your qualifications. Generally speaking, we require the following:

  • academic awards (degree & membership certificates)
  • statement of academic record (examination results)
  • university/college handbook or course outlines (non-accredited and overseas qualifications only)
  • IELTS Academic Test Report Form (TRF)
  • payment
  • Department Form 956 or letter of authority (only if you have a third party acting on your behalf)

If I receive a suitable skills assessment outcome, how long is this skills assessment valid for?

A skills assessment issued on or after 1 July 2010 is valid for a period of two (2) years from the date of the assessment letter.

If I received a skills assessment outcome prior to 1 July 2010 and I wish to apply for a skills assessment review/appeal how will I be assessed?

Provided an application for review/appeal is submitted during the validity period you will be assessed under the same criteria that was applied when advising you of your assessment outcome.

What if I have misplaced my Test Report Form?

Please contact IELTS about your options. The Institute is a Receiving Organisation.

What is the minimum English-Language level the Institute requires?

From 1 July 2010 all applicants submitting a pre-application skills assessment (PASA) are required to provide an IELTS Academic Test Result of a minimum of Band 7 in each of the four (4) components – speaking, reading, listening and writing.

When did the new ANZSCO codes come into effect?

The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) containing ANZSCO codes commenced on 1 July 2010.  Prior to this date, occupations were referred to as ASCO codes.