Finding employment

If you wish to become a Chartered Accountant, you’ll need to complete the two-year Chartered Accountants Program while undertaking three years of mentored work experience.

Chartered Accountants are valued not just for their enhanced financial and technical knowledge, but for their practical, business experience. It’s what sets them apart from other forms of accountants.

A key component of the Program is that you are employed at an organisation that is recognised by the Institute and supervised by a Chartered Accountant mentor, before you can enrol.

The good news is that accounting professionals are in great demand, as Australia continues to experience financial reforms and regulatory changes.

Online resources

If you’re thinking about your career, you want to make sure it’s something where there’s always work and opportunities available.

The fact is that Chartered Accountants are increasingly in demand. With all the financial regulation and legislation of the past decade or more, financial expertise is highly sought after, so your employment opportunities are very strong.

Of course, demand varies from year to year. But most employment agencies consistently rate job opportunities for Chartered Accountants at the top of the list, year after year.

Before applying for any roles, you should make sure you have a well-written and professional-looking résumé. Please read our articles on how to write a better covering letter, and on structuring your CV.

As well as searching online through employment sites, you could approach Chartered Accounting firms directly, and offer to work for free - just to get work experience, and introduce yourself to the local market.

Australian universities, too, can be a useful source of employment opportunities, with many holding career expos, and employer information sessions. You’ll also find university career counsellors can help.

Finally, for other tips and hints, read the articles in the Finding a Job section of this website.


Article last updated 23 January 2012