What do you need to study?

You need to pick subjects for year 11 and 12. But what do you want to study at uni? And where do you want go in life? All of a sudden it’s become a difficult decision…

You have received the list of all the subjects being offered by your school and now you need to narrow it down. It seems like everybody has advice on what subjects you should be studying – your teachers, your parents, your friends and your brothers or sisters. But, the first thing you should do is stop and think. Work through the following questions to narrow down your choices:

1. What are you interested in?

This doesn’t have to just include subjects but other activities, for example, you might like working with other people or being a leader.

2. What university degree are you interested in?

The degree may have pre-requisites that you need to study.

3. What career do you want to do?

Speak to your Careers Adviser and they can help you decide. Take along your list of things you’re interested in as this will help.

4. Research what each school subject involves.

It might not sound good in the description, but you might actually enjoy it when you start studying. Ask a student already in year 11 or 12 and speak to the teacher.

A business or commerce degree is a great foundation for any career. With this degree, you can work in almost any industry from banking to fashion, travel and music. Some ideal subjects you can choose for a business or commerce degree are:
• Accounting
• Business
• Economics
• English
• Maths.

Finally, choose subjects you actually would like to study and not just what your friends are doing. It might be fun to be in the same class for a while, but if you really don’t like the subject it will become frustrating and difficult for you.

Good luck with subject selection!

Article last updated 23 January 2012