Business briefing series

Our co-produced Business briefing series is written for leaders and financial professionals working in organisations.
The series looks at the key issues for business on a wide range of contemporary and emerging topics.

  • Business Briefing: The Increasing Significance of Corporate Treasury

    Corporate Treasury
    Business Briefing: The Increasing Significance of Corporate Treasury (PDF 417KB)

    Corporate Treasury plays a critical role in business. It’s essentially the life-line of an organisation ensuring steady cash flow, spear-heading investment strategies, managing loans and balancing risk and reward.

    With this in mind, we have partnered with the Association of Corporate Treasurers in the United Kingdom to produce this paper. It’s designed to shed light on how the treasury function operates and sets out what to consider when performing treasury.

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  • Business Briefing: Maximising the potential of Intellectual Property for your business

    Intellectual Property
    Business Briefing: Maximising the potential of Intellectual Property for your business (PDF 556KB)

    Most business leaders are acutely aware of the importance of thinking creatively and innovatively in today’s market place. To maximise the benefit of innovative concepts, ideas and designs, it is vital for businesses to understand the best way to protect and manage these intellectual property (IP) assets. This publication is written to assist business leaders and financial professionals in understanding and managing challenging issues in the business world.

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  • 20 issues on business innovation

    Business briefing

    20 issues on business innovation (PDF 489 KB)

    Integrating innovation into an organisation’s strategy should be a priority for businesses as the economy undergoes significant structural change.

    This publication hopes to encourage innovation by providing business leaders with guidance on key issues including drivers of innovation, fostering a culture that supports innovation, working collaboratively with other organisations, managing risk, intellectual property and accessing finance, Asian economic growth and digital technology.

  • 20 issues on the business implications of a carbon cost (updated)

    20 issues on the business implications of carbon cost

    '20 issues on the business implications of a carbon cost (updated)' (PDF 431KB)

    The Clean Energy Act 2011 passed by the Australian Parliament in November 2011, set out a path for Australia to transition to a low carbon economy.

    The introduction of a cost on carbon is set to affect businesses in many ways. This paper, originally published in March 2010, discussed what impact a proposed emissions trading scheme would have. Following the introduction of the carbon cost, effective 1 July 2012, businesses need to consider the practical implications, considering how the tax will be implemented.

    This paper, produced in conjunction with PwC, provides updated guidance on how to practically apply the new carbon price mechanisms that are being put into place.

  • 20 issues on outsourcing and offshoring

    20 issues on outsourcing and offshoring

    '20 issues on outsourcing and offshoring' (PDF 1085 KB)

    With communication opportunities available to organisations today, it’s becoming more and more common for companies to take a global perspective on how to conduct business. Outsourcing and offshoring is a potential option for organisations looking to grow their operations and networks.

    While the decision to outsource or offshore elements of a business is not easy to reach, for many organisations, it is an important option for improving their flexibility, driving innovation and ultimately achieving long-term sustainability.

    20 issues on outsourcing and offshoring, produced in collaboration with Ernst & Young, helps individuals determine whether outsourcing is right for their organisation and if so, how they can best apply it to their circumstances.

  • 20 issues on building a sustainable business

    Business Briefing Series

    '20 issues on building a sustainable business' (PDF 720 KB)

    Sustainability is a serious consideration for businesses, and is no longer perceived as an environmental issue alone. The implications of this shift are significant, and subsequently, industry leaders are determining ways to embed sustainability throughout their business operations and strategic goals.

    This publication, produced alongside KPMG, examines how organisations can approach sustainability, discussing how to build sustainability into your strategy, how to implement the strategy, how to embed sustainability considerations into core business processes and how to create value through reporting.

    Does your business factor in sustainability when making long-term decisions? How can you ensure your business has a viable future?

  • 20 issues for businesses expanding internationally

    20 issues for businesses expanding internationally

    '20 issues for businesses expanding internationally' (PDF 5.46 MB)

    In August 2010, China overtook Japan as the second largest economy in the world, and it is closing the gap on the United States.  The world is changing at a fast pace, driven by globalisation.  Throughout the global financial crisis, agile organisations continued their quest to participate in and prosper from the tremendous growth in the emerging markets. Very few Australian organisations can afford to ignore this growth momentum, nor the other benefits that can be achieved from investing in emerging and international markets.

    The Institute together with Ernst & Young have produced a thought provoking paper on the key issues to take into account when considering expanding your business internationally. The paper highlights a number of different issues ranging from finance, HR, tax and legal.

  • 20 issues on IT as a strategic partner

    Business briefing series cover - 20 issues on IT as a strategic partner

    '20 issues on IT as a strategic partner' (PDF 659 KB)

    The coming years present considerable challenges for business leaders seeking to exploit IT and new technology innovations.

    Organisations looking to adopt new technology such as, social media, cloud computing and standard business reporting need to consider how these new technologies can help differentiate themselves from their competitors.

    During this time the challenge for business leaders has been dedicating the time to analyse and cut-through the many options available in order to find those that have the potential to impact the organisation more successfully.

    So is your business keeping up with the latest changes? Does new technology hold great promise? And is there real value to things like twitter and facebook on a professional level?