Continuing Professional Development requirements (Australian members)

Key Points

  • Members can use our resources, their own resources, other organisations or a combination to meet CPD requirements
  • It is the responsibility of members to judge whether an activity was personally or professionally developing
  • Specialists must allocate 40% of the minimum CPD requirements to each specialty area.

Unless exempted under the Regulations, all members are required to undertake at least the prescribed level of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities each year. Details of the requirements, the types of activities that satisfy these obligations and the grounds for exemption are set out in Regulation CR7.

For members who hold statutory registrations or practice in specialty areas, our Certificate of Public Practice may be required. For these members additional training requirements are in place. Refer to Regulation CR7 for details.

Many means of meeting CPD requirements are available. Members may use our resources, their own resources, those of other organisations, or many prefer some combination. There is a great deal of flexibility in how to achieve CPD requirements.

It is the responsibility of each member to interpret an activity and to judge whether the activity resulted in personal and professional development.

Members required to undertake CPD must maintain a personal record of their activity to enable them to comply with the reporting requirements in Regulation CR7. The CPD record form can be downloaded and used for this purpose. Members residing in New Zealand can go here for details on recording CPD.

sample CPD record form is available for reference.

Alternatively, members can update the education component of their membership record via our website. Update your education history and enter your training hours in the myLearning section of myAccount.

The CPD records of members holding a full-rate Certificate of Public Practice are checked at the time their practice is reviewed under the Quality Review program.

A random selection of other members are requested to forward details of their CPD activities to us during the annual CPD monitoring program.

Find out how the CPD Monitoring process works.

Any member who fails to comply with the reporting requirements for two consecutive years may be excluded from membership in accordance with By-law 21 (c).

For further information please contact the Service Centre on 1300 137 322 or email

Article last updated 29 July 2016