Advancement to Fellowship

Key Points

  • The current nomination process for advancement to Fellowship will change after 30 January 2015
  • An overview of the new Fellowship nomination process has also been provided.

What is advancement to Fellowship?

Advancement to Fellowship is a higher designation 'FCA' in recognition of leadership in the profession and contribution(s) made to our organisation and/or the community. The application process requires nominations from two Chartered Accountants.

An individual member may be nominated for advancement to Fellowship if they have met all of the following criteria:

  • Demonstrated leadership in the profession as evidenced by their responsibilities in employment or public practice and by contribution(s) made to our organisation and/or the community 
  • Been an individual Chartered Accountants member for a minimum continuous period of 10 years
  • Held a senior position in employment or in public practice (while being a member); or a combination thereof, for at least 7 years.

Service as a member of an approved overseas body can be included when calculating these timeframes.

How to apply (details for 2014)

Two Chartered Accountants are required to complete the Advancement to Fellowship Application Form and testify as to the applicant's suitability for advancement in status based on the individual member having met the eligibility requirements.

Fellowship nominations are processed by the Sydney Office and forwarded to the General Manager of the Chartered Accountants Program and Admissions for decision. There is no fee for Advancement to Fellowship.

For more information, refer to the Regulations dealing with Advancement to Fellowship or contact our National Customer Service Centre.

Advancement to Fellowship from 2015

Fellowship is an honour to receive and an honour for us to give to deserving members. Next year we’ll be making changes to our Fellowship application process. We’re doing this so that the designation remains at a high level of recognition and relevance in the business community and that it is truly known as ‘best in class'.

Criteria for application

The criteria for applications are robust with nominated members being recognised for:

  • Outstanding achievement
  • Outstanding contribution
  • Exemplary professional history.

Process for application

The process for Fellowship application will change after 30 January 2015. A peer-nominated application process allows our members to acknowledge each other’s achievements.

Key changes are:

  • Nominations will no longer be accepted from the member seeking the Fellowship. Instead, members will nominate other members whom they know to meet our criteria for Fellowship.
  • Nominees will not be aware that they have been nominated.
  • Application forms will be available on our website from March 2015.
  • Nominations will open in April and should be submitted to the Regional Council in which the member lives by the end of June.
  • Final recommendations for Fellowship will be submitted to Council for approval at the end-of-year meeting (Late Nov or early Dec).
  • New Fellows will be announced at our AGM and celebrated at a Regional event when certificates will be presented.

Article last updated 17 December 2014