Use of the new Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand logo

Due to legal requirements, the new Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand logo and brand is not available for use by members at this stage. Once these requirements have been satisfied, members will receive communication and be informed about how they can use the new logo and brand. In the meantime the following logo is to be used. For further information please see our new site.

Logo identity

The Chartered Accountants logos consist of two elements: the symbol and logo type. The symbol has been specifically designed and developed for the Institute. The symbol and logotype are in a fixed relationship: the symbol always appears to the left of the logotype. The space between the symbol and the logotype must always be maintained.

Clear space

A clear space surrounding the Chartered Accountants logos defines the area and ensures the logos have maximum visibility on every communication. No other element should intrude into this space. Where photography is used, ensure the background to the logo is uncluttered, and provides enough contrast and clarity.

Minimum size

Minimum size refers to the smallest size at which the logo may be reproduced - this ensures legibility. The minimum reproduction size for logos is 20mm wide.


The corporate colours for the Chartered Accountants logos are red PMS 1807C, (CMYK 0, 100, 96, 28) and black.

Incorrect use of the logo

Our logo must not be altered, distorted or reproduced incorrectly - it is the most important part of the Institute's visual identity. Always take care not to compromise or distort the logo.

The logo is suitable for use on stationery, brochures, advertisements, signs and word documents as well as for decorative applications and on merchandise.

Download instructions (PDF, 503KB) for the use and display of the Chartered Accountants logo.

Logos for Download

Colour logo *

CA Logo colour

Mono logo

CA Logo mono

Colour logo - for sole practitioners

CA Logo colour

Mono logo - for sole practitioners

CA Logo mono

Article last updated 15 September 2014