Course in basic GST/BAS taxation principles – Update on request for approval of CA program

The Institute has received a written confirmation from the Tax Practitioners Board (the Board) that the Chartered Accountants (CA) Program by itself will not be treated as an ‘approved course’ in basic GST/BAS taxation principles. This outcome is disappointing to the Institute and anomalous since the CA Program has adequate tax subjects to allow members to register as a tax agent and provide business activity statement (BAS) services. As such, the Institute urges members that it is more appropriate and fitting for CAs to register as a tax agent with conditional registration i.e. as a specialist tax agent in BAS services.

If members wish to be a BAS agent, an option open to you under the Board’s Information Sheet TPB(I)04/2011 (see paragraph 29-34) is to complete a ‘challenge test’ to meet the academic requirements by way of ‘recognised prior learning’.

The Board considers that this type of ‘competency test’ is adequate to satisfy the requirement of having done ‘a course in basic GST/BAS taxation principles’. The Institute is now looking to develop an approved online challenge test for members, however we are aware that approved challenge tests currently exist in the market should members need to do this before the Institute’s test is available.

We expect to be able to offer the challenge test early in 2012.

Article last updated 13 March 2014