Institute lodges integrated reporting submission

The Institute has lodged its submission (PDF) to the International Integrated Reporting Committee (the IIRC) on its discussion paper (DP) Towards Integrated Reporting: Communicating Value in the 21st Century (PDF).

The discussion paper presented initial proposals for the creation and adoption of an international integrated reporting framework and details are available on our ED page.

In its response, the Institute reiterated its longstanding support for the principles of integrated reporting, evidenced by its Broad Based Business Reporting (BBBR) initiative introduced in 2008 and its own annual report. The submission expressed support for the creation of an international framework for these reports and agreed that the initial focus for this development should be on reporting by larger, listed companies. However, it also noted that the concepts are equally suited to small and medium enterprises provided sufficient work is done on user needs and materiality so that smaller entities are not unreasonably burdened. It also expressed support for the DP’s planned future direction for the integrated project but considered that there is a need for better articulation of the cost and benefits of these reports to promote adoption, especially when scarce resources are an issue.

Article last updated 25 November 2016