Using the Chartered Accountants logo

By using the Chartered Accountants logo you are aligning yourself to a powerful group of business professionals as well as representing your professional standing and qualification.

Your Chartered Accountant designation means you have completed a world class and rigorous postgraduate accounting program, which has the highest level of international recognition in Australia.

View the current Chartered Accountants logo and download for use in print and online.

Members are invited to view details about our new brand and progress on making the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand logo available to Members in Practice on our new website.

Am I eligible to use the Chartered Accountants logo?

Under the Charter, any member is entitled to use the designation ‘Chartered Accountant’.

For members in public practice the Chartered Accountant logo is a representation of the designation, and this entitlement extends to the use of the Chartered Accountant logo.

What is of concern to The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia, is that the designation and logo should not be used in such a way as to infer that the member is in public practice where a Certificate of Public Practice (CPP) is not currently held.

For consideration on eligibility to use the Chartered Accountant designation and logo, refer to Regulation 9 of the Members Handbook.

Members who do not hold a CPP are not permitted to use the Chartered Accountants logo on their business card as the use may infer that the organisation is offering services to the public.

For further guidance on the use of the designation and logo, please contact the Professional Standards Team on 02 9290 5627 or by email to

Article last updated 21 July 2014