What is a Chartered Accountant and what makes them different?

Chartered Accountants display exceptional thinking and a superior grasp of business that truly marks them as unique in the marketplace. They work at some of the highest levels in business as chief financial officers, CEO’s, senior managers and partners of some of the world’s largest organisations.

Chartered Accountants set themselves apart through their:

  • Superior analytical thinking
  • Ability to solve complex problems
  • Highly developed communication and technical skills
  • Dedication to completing work to the highest standard
  • Commitment to self-improvement and development
  • Ambition to achieve the best for their clients
  • Membership to a global collective of bright minds at the pinnacle of their profession.

A Chartered Accountant has completed an education course renowned and unrivalled for rigour and quality. The Chartered Accountants Program is not only respected by business leaders, it is also the only professional accounting program recognised by the Board of Studies as a Graduate Diploma (with subject exemptions for future study) – making it a great stepping-stone for senior management.

Broader skills. Wider network.

The Chartered Accounting qualification equips Chartered Accountants with the perfect blend of learned principles and practical application – giving them a noticeable advantage over their counterparts, and allowing them to add value to a business from their first day on the job. .

Upon receiving your accreditation, you become a member of the Global Accounting Alliance, and can work anywhere in the world – in whatever industry you choose.

Article last updated 10 April 2014