Timetables and schedules

To plan your progression through the Chartered Accountants Program, see below for the timetables and schedules relevant to your needs:

Note: Effective 1 July 2014, all Program candidates are required to become Provisional Members before enrolling in a Chartered Accountants Program module. You can find out more about Provisional Membership.

Current candidates

Potential candidates

(not yet applied for the Program)

When enrolment is open for your next preferred module, follow the easy steps on how to enrol.

Enrolments for CAP116 will be open from 12 January 2016 to 02 February 2016 inclusive.

Enrolments for TAX116 and AAA116 will be open from 23 November 2015 to 21 December 2015 inclusive.




You can enrol in your first module once your eligibility has been confirmed. Your eligibility is assessed when you apply for provisional membership. You can enrol in a module once your application has been approved. You'll need to allow at least four weeks for your application for provisional membership to be processed and assessed before you enrol in your first module. Please check term dates and enrolment periods to ensure that your application can be assessed before enrolment for your first module closes.

You can apply for the Program at any time during the year.

Once your application has been approved, you can:

  • start recording your Practical Experience, prepare yourself to enrol in your first module and join our online community where you can access the Program area of myLearning
  • identify your preferred learning style
  • work through the Assumed Knowledge Quizzes
  • and much more

Apply now for Provisional membership

Article last updated 16 September 2016