Practical Experience

Combining academic training with practical experience, under the guidance of a qualified and experienced Chartered Accountant as mentor, is the best way to learn and develop professional competence.

Mentored Practical Experience is one of the reasons why the Chartered Accountants Program is Australia’s leading postgraduate accounting program and why the Chartered Accountant designation is esteemed world-wide.

Three elements of practical experience

Employed for at least 17.5 hours per week in a relevant accounting role with an Approved Training Employer


Mentored by an Australian Chartered Accountant or a member of another recognised Global Accounting Alliance body


Demonstrated the required levels of technical and non-technical competency

Learn more about Employment requirements


Learn more about Mentors

  Learn more about Demonstrating competency

We recommend that candidates gain relevant accounting experience prior to commencing their first Chartered Accountants Program module, although this is not mandatory. We also recommend candidates have undertaken at least two years of approved employment prior to commencing the Capstone module.


The following downloadable resources explain our Practical Experience requirements and the roles and responsibilities of candidates, as well as their employers and prospective mentors. *

Article last updated 3 August 2016