Non accounting degree entry pathway

Key Points

  • Institute accredited conversion course
  • Chartered Accountants Foundations

It is increasingly common to pursue a career later in life which differs from your original career path and tertiary qualifications.

Chartered Accountants ANZ recognises the benefits of these diverse skills and experiences for the accounting profession.

If you are an eligible applicant and can demonstrate that you have met the high entry requirements for this alternative entry pathway, you will be accepted into the Chartered Accountants Program.

To be eligible you must have:

  • Any non-accounting tertiary qualification (irrespective of when the qualification was awarded) that is assessed as equivalent to an AU or NZ Bachelor degree; and
  • Completed an accredited conversion study to meet all core knowledge areas or, passed required units in the Chartered Accountants Foundations pathway.

Chartered Accountants ANZ accredited conversion course

If you have a non-accounting degree, you will need to pass required subjects of an accredited conversion course of your choice which meets all of the core knowledge areas. You can then apply for the Chartered Accountants Program.

Before commencement of your conversion course, you will need to apply for a qualification assessment by completing the Standard Assessment Form. When the assessment is complete, the Institute will send you a letter of assessment indicating which subjects require further study.

Chartered Accountants Foundation pathway (from 2015)

An alternative to completing an accredited conversion course is to pass required units in the Chartered Accountants Foundations pathway. 

Article last updated 13 April 2015