Entry requirements

To apply for the Chartered Accountants Program, candidates must meet the Program’s academic and practical experience requirements.

Academic Entry Requirements

A recognised degree level qualification is a mandatory requirement for entry into the Program. Candidates meet the academic entry requirements in one of the following ways:

  • Completed an accredited Australian Bachelor or Master degree with passes in subjects covering the Required Competence Areas as listed on the Accredited Tertiary Course Lists by Chartered Accountants ANZ.
    This is the most straightforward entry pathway into the Chartered Accountants Program and accounts for around 75% of entrants. Learn more about the accredited tertiary course entry pathway.
  • Completed any Australian non-accounting degree and an accredited conversion course.
  • Completed any Australian non-accounting degree, have accounting work experience and have passed the Chartered Accountants Program Foundations. This accounts for around 15% of Program entrants. Learn more about the non-accounting degree entry pathway.
  • Overseas qualifications that have been assessed and recognised by Chartered Accountants ANZ and demonstrated the required level of knowledge of the required competence area subjects. This accounts for around 10% of Program entrants. Learn more about the overseas qualifications entry pathway.

Some exceptions to the academic entry requirements relate to: Exemptions From Overseas Qualification Assessments

Practical Experience Requirements

To be engaged in approved Practical Experience for the CA program, candidates must be employed in a relevant accounting role with an Approved or Recognised Training Employer and also be engaged in a practical experience agreement with a recognised mentor.

Candidates must be employed for a minimum of 17.5 hours per week. 35 hours per week is deemed as full time for the purposes of calculating the three year practical experience component of the CA Program.

A recognised mentor can be a full CA or FCA member of Chartered Accountants ANZ or a member of one of the following Global Accounting Alliance bodies:

  • CPAC (Canada). Reciprocity only applies to CA members of CPAC
  • HKICPA (Hong Kong)
  • ICAEW (England & Wales)
  • CA Ireland (Ireland)
  • ICAS (Scotland)
  • SAICA (South Africa)
  • AICPA (US CPA)(Licences issued by state)

For further information and guidelines, follow the guidelines on our Practical Experience pages.

Article last updated 15 April 2016