Chartered Accountants Program

The Chartered Accountants Program combines two components:

  1. Postgraduate accounting qualifications - the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting (GradDipCA)
  2. Practical Experience, under the guidance of a mentor.

This combination produces Chartered Accountants with superior technical skills, outstanding professional competence and an exciting future.

The five modules in the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting are delivered through a contemporary blend of online and face-to-face learning that fits with candidates' many learning styles while keeping the quality and rigour that has characterised the Chartered Accountants Program.

Note: From 1 July 2014, all Program candidates will be required to become Provisional Members before enrolling in a Chartered Accountants Program module. You can find out more about Provisional Membership.

Find out more about the Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting by using the interactive pyramid below

CA Diagram AUS NZ Find out how to apply membership Find out how to achieve theGraduate Diploma (GradDipCA) Find out more about the entry requirements Involves completing three years approved full-time (or equivalent) work experience, plus being mentored by a Chartered Accountant. Learn more about the Practical Experience component Module 1. Taxation (TAX) Module 5. Capstone module from 2014 - changing from Ethic & Business Application (EBA) as of 2014 Module 2. Audit & Assurance (AAA) Module 3. Financial Accounting & Reporting (FIN) Module 4. Management Accounting & Applied Finance (MAAF) - changing from Management & Analysis (MAA)


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Article last updated 16 September 2015